End of Day at the DOJ

Limited Edition Numbered Prints are available here

bascom“This painting is great, which is why I gave it the prime spot in the Bascom Exhibition. Someone wanted to buy a print as I hung it up – before the show even opened.”
~ Bo Sweeny – Art Director, Bascom Art Center
“The artistic spoof is spot-on and a satisfying message for right-thinking Americans.”
~ Doris Bass
“My husband fell in love with this watercolor the minute he saw it at the Bascom, so I bought him a print for his birthday. The print was a great deal and looks exactly like the original.”~ Betty L.
“It’s edgy and gets right to the point, telling it just like it is. I love it!” ~ Jodie Zahner
“There’s a lot of truth in ‘End of Day at the DOJ’ and that truth needs to get out there. Since “the truth will set you free”, I have it hanging in my office for all to see.”  ~ Russell, Great Smokies Creations


    • Moss Greene says

      Thanks for visiting, Don! You’ll be happy to know I have more paintings exposing Big Gov’t in the works. Stay tuned!

  1. Monique says

    Everybody hates the IRS but they’re afraid to say so. My copy is my way of spreading the word that we need to fight back or those zombies will devour us.

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