A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words, So Hang it on Your Wall

moss_greene_end_of_day_doj1Writing a story is about creating people and images that lead to emotions. And the best story tellers get you to visualize as you read. But, if it’s true that one picture is worth a thousand words, why not go right to the vision, the image, the picture itself – and hang it on your wall?

Since the swing vote in every election is the under 30 age group, the biggest problem we have is appealing to the younger generation. And the only way to get their vote is by producing “cool” pop culture. Movies, TV shows, art, comic books, and music are the way to a young person’s heart – and vote!

When a “cool” painting that presents an important reality concept is hanging on the wall of an office, home or young person’s room, it can influence people in a way that nothing else can, because it’s in your face (and everyone who visits) all day every day.

Pop culture fine art can be very powerful.  We just haven’t been using it that way.

We can’t expect to win a political campaign by launching it a few months before an election. We have to get through to the younger generation and “undecided” voters now. We have to pound our messages into their brains every minute of every day – just like liberals do with pop culture.

Good pop culture that communicates the truth in a way that’s “cool” has the power to change the mindset of young people and swing-voters before a campaign even begins.

And if we start using it now, in the next elections the liberals won’t know what hit them. They’ll be just as shocked as we were when the numbers rolled out in the last election.



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