Drowning in Alphabet Soup

*Image Attribution Daniel*1977

*Image Attribution Daniel*1977

ABC, CBS & NBC are totally ignoring the crimes, corruption and abuses of the IRS, DOJ & NSA. Has the MSM no shame? Their bias is outrageous.

Ever since the DOJ, NSA & IRS scandals hit the fan, breaking news stories have been featured almost daily on Fox News and all right of center talk shows and websites.

But the big three networks – ABC, CBS and NBC – have totally ignored the subjects for months and months. Apparently, they’re much more interested in Miley Cyrus “twerking” (whatever that is) than anything that may look bad for their chosen one.

Some of the newsworthy stories that have been ignored include:

One – Lois Lerner calling Tea Party Groups “very dangerous” and suggesting “Cincy should probably not handle these cases.” This totally contradicts her claim she was unaware of any IRS harassment of the Tea Party and that if there was any abuse it was a result of “rogue agents in Cincinnati.” Isn’t this news?

Two – Emails between Ms. Lerner, IRS attorneys and the IRS commissioner discussing for a year how they should react with the press when the scandal did break. Ms. Lerner wrote, “We’re going to get creamed.” Isn’t this news?

Three – Stories of continued harassment by the IRS, even long after their pledge to look into the matter. Most of the Tea Party groups being investigated have not even been contacted for a discussion about their situation and are still in limbo. Isn’t this news?

Obama called the IRS/Tea Party conflict a “phony scandal” and his lapdogs and press suck-ups fell right in line with him and closed ranks in his defense.

Down with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all of the other Obama/liberal propaganda outlets. You’re not going to drown me in your Alphabet Soup!

How I Killed My First Husband

I married my first husband (don’t worry, there were only two) when I was 19. As a wedding gift, my brother introduced me to health food by giving me a cookbook written by Carleton Fredricks, an old time nutritionist.

In spite of the fact that hubby and I had eloped, my parents insisted on sending out hundreds of marriage announcements, In return, we received many gifts, including lots of stuff I never used – like five hibachis. But, my brother’s prophetic gift was the only cookbook I got. And, since I had no cooking experience, I learned how to cook using that radical health food cookbook.

I can still vividly remember my new husband sitting by the toilet smoking a cigarette and looking a little green after I told him he had just eaten scrambled eggs with beef brains for Saturday morning brunch.

Needless to say, my marriage didn’t last long and the cookbook might have been partly to blame.

My first husband is dead now. Of course, I didn’t really kill him, but I always felt sorry that I never convinced him of the value of healthy eating and clean living. He died of prostate cancer and was a junk-food-junky and chain smoker till his very last breath at a very young age.

So you might even say he killed himself.

As for me, my interest in healthy living never died. Over the years, it’s grown and flourished, turning me into the health-nut I am today.

msaceBy the way, I’m still married to my second husband, who’s still alive and kicking. And, yes, he understands the value of taking care of his health. As a result, he has very low blood pressure, an exceptionally good cholesterol count and we just got back his PSA report that shows he has a perfectly healthy prostate.

So I learned how to influence others for their own benefit.

Is Syria Obama’s “Wag the Dog” Distraction?

In the 1997 movie, “Wag the Dog,” a mysterious Washington DC propaganda spin-artist is told to create a war in order to distract the public’s attention away from a scandal involving the President. So they invent a war in Albania to do the trick.

“Wag the Dog” was an amazingly prophetic movie about US politics over the last two decades.

For example, in 1998, during the height of the Monica Lewinsky/ Clinton scandal, President Clinton sent cruise missiles to bomb sites in Afghanistan and the Sudan where he claimed terrorists were storing chemical weapons. Sound familiar?

Today, in the midst of numerous presidential scandals, we’re presented with a plan to bomb Syria (because of chemical weapons no less). And suddenly, everybody’s talking about what the president’s going to do in Syria. Should he or shouldn’t he, can he or can’t he, will he or won’t he? It’s all about him and the “world’s” red line.

Is this just a “wag the dog” distraction? If so, are we going to fall for it?

What could Obama be working so hard to distract our attention away from? How about the Benghazi Scandal, defunding Obamacare, immigration amnesty or the NSA and IRS scandals?

And besides these issues shouldn’t our government be working on plans to

  • Stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons,
  • End the spread of radical Islamists all around the world,
  • And find a way to come up with the funds to improve our national security.

Yet we and all of our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are wasting time embroiled in a debate about an unnecessary action in Syria. Is Obama just keeping us busy to avoid the real issues?

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words, So Hang it on Your Wall

moss_greene_end_of_day_doj1Writing a story is about creating people and images that lead to emotions. And the best story tellers get you to visualize as you read. But, if it’s true that one picture is worth a thousand words, why not go right to the vision, the image, the picture itself – and hang it on your wall?

Since the swing vote in every election is the under 30 age group, the biggest problem we have is appealing to the younger generation. And the only way to get their vote is by producing “cool” pop culture. Movies, TV shows, art, comic books, and music are the way to a young person’s heart – and vote!

When a “cool” painting that presents an important reality concept is hanging on the wall of an office, home or young person’s room, it can influence people in a way that nothing else can, because it’s in your face (and everyone who visits) all day every day.

Pop culture fine art can be very powerful.  We just haven’t been using it that way.

We can’t expect to win a political campaign by launching it a few months before an election. We have to get through to the younger generation and “undecided” voters now. We have to pound our messages into their brains every minute of every day – just like liberals do with pop culture.

Good pop culture that communicates the truth in a way that’s “cool” has the power to change the mindset of young people and swing-voters before a campaign even begins.

And if we start using it now, in the next elections the liberals won’t know what hit them. They’ll be just as shocked as we were when the numbers rolled out in the last election.



How Obama Influenced the Uninformed Young People in 2012

timemagDuring the 2012 election Obama spoke at numerous colleges and universities. “Why is he wasting his time talking to college kids,” I thought. “That’s a stupid move. Everyone knows young people (under 30) aren’t tuned into politics these days. They’re not going to get out and vote this year.”

But they did. 45% of this country’s 18-29 year olds voted in 2012.

College students were already pretty well indoctrinated by their professors and the pop culture to think like a liberal.  So through well-crafted speeches, written by his handlers, it was easy for BO to influence those politically un-savvy young people to get out and vote for him.

Out of the under-30 voters, 71% are either in college or have been to college. In 2012, young voters chose Obama over Romney 60% to 37% – a 23 point margin.

So rallying young people wasn’t a stupid move after all. It was brilliant!

Hunting and Gathering at the Grocery Store

Have you seen the government food guidelines? If you haven’t, don’t bother. Instead of making it clearer and less confusing, in good old hyper-inflated government style hypocrisy, they’ve made food categories so broad that it’s more like having no guidelines at all.

Whenever I get confused about all the conflicting nutrition information “out there,” I always go back to what’s natural for us human beings to do?

What would we eat if we were in touch with our true hunting and gathering instincts?

buggy5This is a really hard thing to keep in mind when shopping for food. But, the other day in the grocery store isles, I had an “epiphany.” (Don’t worry, I’m ok. That’s just a word I learned in college. It means I had a realization. A revelation.)

Speaking of college, let me digress here a minute. In my experience, college offered few “epiphanies.” Think about it. How many required courses did you sit through in school that had absolutely no long-term impact on your relationships, your health, your common-sense, you happiness or even your bank account?

But maybe, every once in a while, your liberal professor finally said something meaningful, something that woke you up from your stupor and changed your life, something you still remember. If so, it made all your college loans worthwhile. It was an “epiphany.”

I can remember one such college moment. (C’mon, I had a lot of other things on my mind.) It was in a liberal arts course and the professor was discussing existentialism (I can see your eyes rolling back just like mine did). Out of nowhere he said, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Whoa! I was floored. I think I even paid attention the rest of that semester.

Think about it. With every new “diet plan” promising permanent weight loss, our population continues to gain weight – nothing’s changed. Or how about this one, even though the medical profession has “advanced” over the years, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are still on the increase. (Maybe this is why they call it “practicing” medicine.)

Or here’s my most recent “epiphany.” Look how modern we are compared to our early ancestors. But despite all of our modernization, we’re still just plain old hunters and gatherers – nothing’s changed.

Sure we’ve tossed off our animal skins for synthetic fibers and we can chase down a chuck roast much faster than the whole mastodon, but when it comes right down to it, going to the grocery store is our version of hunting and gathering.

The more I think about it the more I realize our lives depend upon our hunting and gathering skills as much as they did for our earliest relatives.

Life is still just a series of risk management decisions. Should we follow the herd or eke out our meager existence farming in this rocky soil? Should we eat healthy food tonight or splurge on a Big Mac, fries and a soda?

Every choice we make determines our future existence. In this case, whether it’s long and healthy or short and miserable.

The immediate outcome of our decisions today may be less noticeable. After all you could have been crushed hunting a mastodon and that seldom happens when buying a chuck roast.

But, on the other hand, modern risk management choices do consistently show up over time. It’s absolutely clear that your food choices today determine your health in the future – whether or not you get a cold next month, the flu next year, or heart disease 10 years from now.

So consider this “epiphany” the next time you go shopping at your local supermarket. Think of yourself as a hunter-gatherer. And remember that your life depends on the choices you make as much as they did for your great, great, great (multiplied many times over) grandparents. (The ones in animal skins with bone tools).

If the realization really sinks in, you’ll forego the short-term pleasure of some decadent, rich, gooey, sugary, greasy, fattening, processed death food and choose the long-term pleasure of a happy, healthy life from balanced, nutritious, naturally delicious whole foods.

This is a vitally important risk management decision. Too bad they didn’t teach it in college!