Drowning in Alphabet Soup

*Image Attribution Daniel*1977

*Image Attribution Daniel*1977

ABC, CBS & NBC are totally ignoring the crimes, corruption and abuses of the IRS, DOJ & NSA. Has the MSM no shame? Their bias is outrageous.

Ever since the DOJ, NSA & IRS scandals hit the fan, breaking news stories have been featured almost daily on Fox News and all right of center talk shows and websites.

But the big three networks – ABC, CBS and NBC – have totally ignored the subjects for months and months. Apparently, they’re much more interested in Miley Cyrus “twerking” (whatever that is) than anything that may look bad for their chosen one.

Some of the newsworthy stories that have been ignored include:

One – Lois Lerner calling Tea Party Groups “very dangerous” and suggesting “Cincy should probably not handle these cases.” This totally contradicts her claim she was unaware of any IRS harassment of the Tea Party and that if there was any abuse it was a result of “rogue agents in Cincinnati.” Isn’t this news?

Two – Emails between Ms. Lerner, IRS attorneys and the IRS commissioner discussing for a year how they should react with the press when the scandal did break. Ms. Lerner wrote, “We’re going to get creamed.” Isn’t this news?

Three – Stories of continued harassment by the IRS, even long after their pledge to look into the matter. Most of the Tea Party groups being investigated have not even been contacted for a discussion about their situation and are still in limbo. Isn’t this news?

Obama called the IRS/Tea Party conflict a “phony scandal” and his lapdogs and press suck-ups fell right in line with him and closed ranks in his defense.

Down with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all of the other Obama/liberal propaganda outlets. You’re not going to drown me in your Alphabet Soup!

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