How I Killed My First Husband

I married my first husband (don’t worry, there were only two) when I was 19. As a wedding gift, my brother introduced me to health food by giving me a cookbook written by Carleton Fredricks, an old time nutritionist.

In spite of the fact that hubby and I had eloped, my parents insisted on sending out hundreds of marriage announcements, In return, we received many gifts, including lots of stuff I never used – like five hibachis. But, my brother’s prophetic gift was the only cookbook I got. And, since I had no cooking experience, I learned how to cook using that radical health food cookbook.

I can still vividly remember my new husband sitting by the toilet smoking a cigarette and looking a little green after I told him he had just eaten scrambled eggs with beef brains for Saturday morning brunch.

Needless to say, my marriage didn’t last long and the cookbook might have been partly to blame.

My first husband is dead now. Of course, I didn’t really kill him, but I always felt sorry that I never convinced him of the value of healthy eating and clean living. He died of prostate cancer and was a junk-food-junky and chain smoker till his very last breath at a very young age.

So you might even say he killed himself.

As for me, my interest in healthy living never died. Over the years, it’s grown and flourished, turning me into the health-nut I am today.

msaceBy the way, I’m still married to my second husband, who’s still alive and kicking. And, yes, he understands the value of taking care of his health. As a result, he has very low blood pressure, an exceptionally good cholesterol count and we just got back his PSA report that shows he has a perfectly healthy prostate.

So I learned how to influence others for their own benefit.

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