How Obama Influenced the Uninformed Young People in 2012

timemagDuring the 2012 election Obama spoke at numerous colleges and universities. “Why is he wasting his time talking to college kids,” I thought. “That’s a stupid move. Everyone knows young people (under 30) aren’t tuned into politics these days. They’re not going to get out and vote this year.”

But they did. 45% of this country’s 18-29 year olds voted in 2012.

College students were already pretty well indoctrinated by their professors and the pop culture to think like a liberal.  So through well-crafted speeches, written by his handlers, it was easy for BO to influence those politically un-savvy young people to get out and vote for him.

Out of the under-30 voters, 71% are either in college or have been to college. In 2012, young voters chose Obama over Romney 60% to 37% – a 23 point margin.

So rallying young people wasn’t a stupid move after all. It was brilliant!

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